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About Us

For over 20 years, Flash Financial has been helping Canadians in British Columbia obtain the best types of mortgages for all types of situations. Our primary concern is not your age, credit, or income when approving you for a loan which is why we’re able to help out so many people!

Professional Mortgage Broker in Vancouver you can Trust

Flash Financial is your certified private mortgage brokerage firm in Vancouver committed to provide all-around mortgage solutions for borrowers. As your reliable Vancouver broker, we can offer confidential and efficient services to all our clients. Our team of experienced and highly skilled mortgage specialists provide services directly to the person, online and over the phone, depending upon the convenience and requirements of our borrowers and brokers associated.

Mortgage financing and investment have been our passion and scope of interest, and we have utilized our passion for turning them into a successful enterprise. We are helping private mortgage lenders in BC and nearby locations for several years and constantly delivering outstanding customer service.

We Are a Different Type of Private Mortgage Company

With more than 20 years of experience as a BC mortgage lender we work with private and public lenders, including insurance companies, investment trusts, credit unions, private lending corporations, banks, etc. As you all know, we are not just a bank; we are not confined to a single set of products. We will work hard to provide you the best private loan. We offer various mortgage lending solutions. We will not stop until we provide you with the best possible financing option available in Vancouver. Give us a call on 604-488-4434 to get best mortgage rates today.

What Do You Understand By Private Mortgage?
Private mortgages are residential, commercial, or even a construction mortgage. In situations where credits, income, or even properties are not available for lenders, a private mortgage can be the best solution for them. It’s a short-term loan option to borrowers until they opt for traditional lending again. A private mortgage can help lenders with proof of income, debt consolidation mortgage, bad credit, job loss, renovations, consumer proposal, bankruptcy, customized financing, and foreclosure, and so on.

Why Choose Flash Financial for One-Stop Private Mortgage Solution

  • Has Valuable Experience in Mortgage Industry – With over 20 years of experience, we are proudly offering all types of mortgage solutions around Vancouver, BC. We have not put down anyone’s exceptions since our inception. Flash Financial explores all sorts of options for you and guarantees reliable services.
  • Provide Long-Term Commitment– Flash Financial helps you beyond just offering private mortgage in Vancouver. We are connected with you to ensure that you can get to us 24×7.
  • Staying Up-To-Date– We remain updated with the latest news and trends in mortgage industry. We are a member of Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC), Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC), Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Chamber of Commerce (COC).

Whether you’re looking for a new home purchase, refinancing, switching your mortgage, reversing your mortgage or a private mortgage, we have ACCESS to all types of lenders to get you the loan you deserve! Get the best mortgage loans as per your needs.

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