Stop Foreclosure – What Do You Know About Notice For Sale & Statement For Claim?

Stop Foreclosure - Notice For Sale & Statement For Claim - Flash Financial

To stop foreclosure on the home, you need to know the Notice of sale and statement of Claim. We all know that the housing market is booming in Canada; the problem lies in increased foreclosure. There are various reasons behind it, but this current pandemic has proved to make these payments difficult for those with low income than normal.

If you are not making the mortgage payments, you should get the lender’s notice of sale. But it is not an excellent letter to get into the mail; many homeowners do not understand what it is and what you have to do. So in this blog, you will keep reading about how to make the Notice of Sale or the right Statement for Claim.

What Do You Know About The Notice Of Sale?

There are various phases of foreclosure. If you are in this stage when you have to place the Notice of Sale, you have missed paying the payments on the current house. The lenders will provide you with reminders to help you catch up on the payment before sending the Notice of Default.

Failing to pay or reach a particular set of agreements on the payments with the lender will result in the Notice Sale. The lenders will send notice to all the people on the property, including anyone interested in the property. Lenders can submit the Notice of Sale to the public to make the property owner for action, and when you receive the Notice of Sale, lenders will inform you that the mortgage is far behind the default time for arranging the payment by some date.

What Do You Know By Statement Of Claim?

If you are getting the Notice of Sale, you will lot of documents that include the Statement of Claim. The lenders send this after the Notice of sale. This marks the end of the redemption period a lender will allow. Once the redemption period overs, there is the final chance to stay current is over. After that, you are not able to resume the mortgage.

If you want to stop the Notice of sale from finalizing, you should help the Mortgage For Foreclosure clear the payment due.

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