What Happens To The Reverse Mortgage When A Person Dies?

Reverse Mortgage When A Person Dies

The reverse mortgage generally allows the seniors to live in the homes without paying for the mortgage payments and offers the needed cash when in emergencies. However, paying back the loan is complicated, depending upon how much you have the equity for the house and whether you want the home to be with your family after you die.

As the borrower of a reverse mortgage loan, it becomes very important to deal with the loan provider regarding the mortgage after you die. Even the family members also have to understand the options for keeping up the house and the responsibilities intact. If you have a reverse mortgage in place and want to keep it going for long, even after you die, consult with the mortgage broker first, who will guide you in the process.

What Does Lender Do In Reverse Mortgage When The Borrower Dies?

When you are talking about the reverse mortgage, you are borrowing some money against the home equity. While your loan might be the percentage of the home’s value, the property is also used as the loan’s security. The loan lender will repossess and sell the house if the loan is not repaid.

Unless, as the borrower, you have made several arrangements through the will or even with the estate planning, anyone living with you at that particular time or your death should have to vacate the house before it is sold. When the homeowner dies, dealing with the reverse mortgage will add to the family’s plan and issues, so it should be discussed with the lender first before borrowing the money.

When you are willing to keep the mortgage value after you die, you should consult with the mortgage broker to help you plan the mortgage as per your needs. If you die without leaving any will to settle the debts, the heirs to the property might not be able to take up the loan. Some reverse mortgages include the agreement that will allow the surviving family members to continue to live in the property as long they can repay the loan.

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