Mortgage Buying Process

More than great rates, the type of mortgage you get really matters.

See an ultra, ultra low rate on the web? Guess what? The mortgage that comes with it may trap you with higher penalties or restrictions that cost you more money in the long run or at renewal time. For your first mortgage, it’s important to get the right fit at the best rate so that it works for you over the long term.

That’s where we come in — we know mortgages inside and out and can find the right one for you. If you go to your bank, you’ll only get what they offer. We can check with all of them which means you can sleep easy knowing that you didn’t miss out on a better option.

Need cash upfront? We can offer Cash Back Mortgages on both variable and fixed rates. Ask us if this option is right for you.

A smoooooth process, from beginning to end.

It’s your first mortgage, but definitely not ours. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that our highly-trained brokers use their insights to assist you through every step of your mortgage process, smooth as silk:

  • Your Down Payment: When you first buy a home, the amount of your down payment can make a difference, though a borrower may go as low as 5% down if you have an excellent credit history. We can help you look into various strategies and programs to help fund your down payment.
  • Your Pre-Approval: We quickly determine the mortgage amount and best interest rate for which you qualify, according to the latest federal stress-test requirements. Most True North Mortgage pre-approvals come with a 120-day rate hold (depending on the lender) — so when you start house-hunting, you have a good idea of what you can afford plus some time to find the perfect place. We will set you up for success to help ensure your pre-approval goes all the way to the finish line.
  • The Purchase of Your Home: Make sure to include a condition day, and give yourself at least one week to finalize all financing. Don’t forget to use the time to get a home inspection!
  • Your Paperwork: Our mortgage broker will explain, in detail, all of the paperwork that the bank/lender requires.
  • The Close: All paperwork will be sent to the lawyer of your choice.

When you first walk through your (own) door, you’ll feel the joy of knowing that you got the best mortgage rate and fit, and that we’re always here for you in the future (think mortgage renewal time!).

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