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Availing this type of mortgage is very complex, and you should be very careful before you proceed. Flash Financial is a mortgage company with experienced loan providers knowledgeable and highly skilled in working with reverse mortgages. If you are thinking of getting into a reverse mortgage for Canadian seniors, come and meet with our team or call 604-488-4434 and let us help you make the right decision.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Provider for Vancouver Homeowners (age 55+)

The reverse mortgage is only for senior citizens who have a reasonable amount of home equity. This type of mortgage is suited for senior candidates as it provides them with a constant income for doing several expenses. The main principle behind Vancouver reverse mortgage is that senior citizens can borrow money against home equity.

What is Equity?

Equity is a certain portion of your home that you own; it is equivalent to your house’s value. Your home equity increases on various factors – the equity will increases as you pay off the mortgage and own more property. It will also increase if the housing market changes and your home have a higher value. It will also improve if you make home improvements and appraisal deems worthy. To qualify for your reverse mortgage, you have to own the entirety of property or close to paying the home off. It will not exceed the value of your house. Home equity is applicable if you sell home or use another house or borrow the same. If you want to avail reverse mortgage, you should consult Flash Financial, the professional mortgage lenders in Vancouver.

How Does Reverse Mortgage Will Work?

When you have a reverse mortgage, you can borrow money against the home; you will get a good amount of money in terms of monthly payments or line of credit. Your age and condition of your house determine how much money you will get. The borrower needs to pay for property taxes, interest, insurance, and other payments related to reverse mortgage and the amount will be tax free!

We Are Your Trusted Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Vancouver

Our team at Flash Financial is experts in providing the best mortgage solutions, and they are always ready to help you choose the best mortgage option. This mortgage is the best choice for people who are using it for a longer-term. If borrowers do not want a long-term solution, it is not for them.

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