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Are you self-employed and still seeking a mortgage? If you are one of those, you might face several difficult situations. You may think about how to reduce your income, your taxable bill while being able to qualify for self-employed mortgages?

Self-employed mortgage, also called stated income mortgage, is applied for new property purchases and refinancing in Vancouver, BC. It becomes challenging for those who own companies to apply for a mortgage as their total income shows for verification. Most self-employed individuals try to write off as much as possible to reduce their income and qualify for a mortgage. As your trusted self-employed mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC, we understand the type of challenges you face and work with various banks and lenders to make the most suitable mortgage approved.

Self Employed Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC

At Flash Financial, we use your “stated income” program so that you do not have to provide any verification for tax returns. The only requirements to apply for a mortgage are that you should have an above-average credit rating, proof that you have a business, or working in a similar industry for two years or more. Compare our self-employed mortgage rates, and you will find nowhere better than us.

Flash Financial has been giving clients professional and best financial advice since its inception. The team takes pride in providing a high level of customer service to all its esteemed clients. Choose our self-employed mortgage services. We have several financial structures available for self-employed individuals and provide the same benefits, higher rates, terms, and conditions as like who are salaried borrowers.

As renowned private lenders in Vancouver, we understand that self-employed individuals show cut off in their income to get reductions in taxes. But, when you apply for our mortgage service, you do not need to prove your income; just an estimation of your annual income is verified (depending upon length and nature of your business). We work with major banks, credit unions, trusts, and other regional lenders in BC to help you find the best mortgage deal that fits your business needs. Whether you are looking for state, income-qualifying, or alternative income qualifying mortgage, we are here to help you.

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